Commentary Upon the Gospel of St. Luke: Volume 2

by St. Cyril of Alexandria


Here is the second volume of an ancient commentary on the Gospel of Luke by St. Cyril of Alexandria. Cyril lived in the fifth century. This commentary was translated into English by R. Payne Smith and published in 1859. The content is divided into sections called"sermons." This volume contains sermons 81 through 153. Luke's gospel, which emphasizes the"human" nature of Christ, is of particular relevance to Cyril since he was one of the defenders of the doctrine of Christ. A heresy was being taught and spread that there were two separate Jesus. One Jesus was fully human, and the other was fully divine. Cyril wrote to defend one Jesus who was fully divine and fully human.

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Picture of St. Cyril of Alexandria
Picture of St. Cyril of Alexandria
Source: Wikipedia
Born: AD 370
Died: June 27, AD 444
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