Dialog of Catherine of Siena

by St. Catherine of Siena


The Dialog of Catherine of Siena is a practical and compelling work of Christian mysticism. St. Catherine of Siena, a Dominican Tertiary, wrote it "during a state of ecstasy while in dialogue with God the Father." The book contains a dialog between the "Eternal Father" (God the Father) and "a human soul" (St. Catherine). In it, the Eternal Father describes, through many different analogies, allegories, and metaphors, the spiritual life of humankind. In his description, the Eternal Father emphasizes the importance of cultivating virtue, continually praying, and the need for obedience. Written at a time of spiritual and political upheaval, the Dialog of Catherine of Siena remains relevant even to the present day, and any reader will profit from the sound advice throughout this dialogue. Instructive and profound, the Dialog of Catherine of Siena inspires with a revelation from God.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of St. Catherine of Siena
Picture of St. Catherine of Siena
Source: Wikipedia
Born: March 25, 1347
Died: April 29, 1380
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