Conferences of John Cassian

by John Cassian


Conferences of John Cassian offer the modern Christian a glimpse into the lives of second and third century Christian monastics. It documents the thoughts of Christians who took Jesus' instructions to take up our own cross, leave our family, and renounce our possessions literally. The Conferences of John Cassian is an early archetype of the monastic way of life where the theology of denying self is implemented in daily living. Cassian's work was highly respected by his contemporaries, as well as those who went on to have enormous influence on the monastic movement. St. Benedict referenced Cassian's work while writing The Rule of St. Benedict, which went on to be the rule of life for countless Benedictine monks.

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Picture of John Cassian
Picture of John Cassian
Source: Wikipedia
Born: AD 360
Died: July 23, AD 435
Related topics: Vices, Asceticism, Church history--Primitive and early church, History, Cassian, John,--ca. 360-ca. 435, …
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