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AD 1840
AD 1930
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Henry Burton was born in Leicestershire, England, in 1840. Some years earlier, his paternal grandmother founded a Wesleyan missionary society for youth. At a young age, Burton's parents moved the family to Wisconsin, USA. It was here that Burton went to college and, upon graduation, pastored a Methodist Episcopal congregation. Burton returned to his homeland in his twenties and became a Wesleyan pastor. He married the sister of a renowned Wesleyan preacher as well as an author. Burton took up the pen and authored a commentary on Luke's gospel, which has become part of the Expositor's Bible. Given the gift of music and prose, Burton composed several song lyrics and tunes to be sung in worship. Some of these have spanned the globe while being sung in many languages. One of his more popular lyrics is"Pass It On." Burton died in 1930.

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