E.W. Bullinger

Anglican ultra-dispensationalist theologian


December 15, 1837
June 6, 1913
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Ethelbert William Bullinger was born on December 15 in Canterbury, England. He was a direct descendent of the great Swiss Reformer Johann Heinrich Bullinger, a covenant theologian, who succeeded Zwingli in Zurich in December of 1531.

Bullinger was educated at King's College, London. He was a recognized scholar in the field of biblical languages. The Archbishop of Canterbury granted him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1881 in recognition of his biblical scholarship.

Some of his best known works are The Companion Bible, Number in Scripture, Word Studies on the Holy Spirit, The Witness of the Stars, The Book of Job, Figures of Speech Used in the Bible, Great Cloud of Witnesses, The Critical Lexicon and Concordance to the English and Greek New Testaments, How To Enjoy the Bible and Commentary On Revelation.

Dr. Bullinger believed in and taught the pretribulation, premillennial rapture. He is also considered an untradispensationalist because he taught that the gospels and Acts were under the dispensation of law, with the church actually beginning at Paul's ministry after Acts 28:28.

Dr. Bullinger died on June 6, 1913, in London, England, leaving behind a legacy of works to help in the study of God's Word.

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