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tr., John Brownlie

ἐλέους πηγὴ, ὑπάρχων Ὑπεράγαθε.

From the Order of Holy Unction



A Fount of mercy, Lord, Thou art,

Perennial and Divine;

The source of every lasting good,

And every grace is Thine;

Now to the suffering healing give,

And touch the sick that he may live.


O Saviour, Thou alone art God,

And Thou art quick to heal;

For Thou didst wear our feeble flesh,

And all our ailments feel;

And Thou canst make the sufferer whole,

And save the sin afflicted soul.


O Christ, the Great Physician Thou,

Tender and full of power;

Now with the oil of grace anoint

The sufferer at this hour;—

Bid Thou the pain and weakness cease,

And give the sore afflicted peace.

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