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tr., John Brownlie

From the Office for Baptism



Bear to the font the child of grace,

And there the sacred rite attend,

Whose healing virtues can efface

The stains that to the soul extend.


There, as at Jordan long ago,

The heavenly Dove in power descends;

New life in fulness to bestow,

And grace that on the life attends.


Christ, let Thy blood in freeness spilt,

This water fitly symbolise;

And all the vileness and the guilt,

Be laid upon Thy Sacrifice.


And let the sacred sign he wears,

Adorn the inner life, we pray;

Till every word, and action bears,

The impress of that Cross alway.


Come to our aid, O Spirit true;

Hearts with Thy living truth inspire;

And to our languid souls renew

The love that wakes responsive fire.

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