Jane Borthwick

Translator of German hymns


April 9, 1813
September 7, 1897
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Borthwick be­longed to the Free Church of Scot­land. In 1855, she and her sis­ter Sarah Findlater co-pro­duced a book of trans­la­tions of Ger­man hymns ti­tled Hymns from the Land of Lu­ther (1854, 1855, 1858 & 1862). This book included the famous "Be Still,My Soul". In 1875, while liv­ing in Swit­zer­land, she pro­duced ano­ther book of trans­la­tions called Al­pine Lyrics. Borth­wick was al­so active with the Ed­in­burgh House of Re­fuge, the Mo­ra­vi­an Mis­sion in Lab­ra­dor, and other mis­sion work. She nev­er mar­ried.

Her other works in­clude Thoughts for Thoughtful Hours (1857), Contributions to the Family Trea­su­ry and Contributions to Pagenstecher’s Col­lect­ion.

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