Die reformierte Lehre von der Vorherbestimmung

by Loraine Boettner


Die reformierte Lehre von der Vorherbestimmung (The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination) is an examination of predestination done by Loraine Boettner. Boettner doesn't profess to propose a new doctrine or changes to the old doctrine. The author's purpose is to revisit the doctrine to see if it is biblically sound, a rational and reasonable interpretation of scriptures, and to encourage people to reflect on it as it impacts their lives. Boettner begins with a history and current adherence to the doctrine of predestination. The author then lays out the biblical teachings and their logical conclusions. If you haven't thought much about this doctrine, here's an opportunity to grow your faith.

Wailand Groenendyk
CCEL Staff Writer

About Loraine Boettner

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Picture of Loraine Boettner
Picture of Loraine Boettner
Source: tracts.ukgo.com
Born: March 7, 1901
Died: January 3, 1990
Related topics: Eschatology, Millennium (Eschatology), Predestination, Calvinism, Catholic Church, …
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