Theological Tractates

by Boethius


Boethius’ life and works form the bridge between classical philosophy and medieval theology. This collection contains five theological treatises: “The Trinity is One God Not Three Gods,” “Whether Father, Son, and Holy Spirit may be Substantially Predicated of the Divinity,” “How Substances can be Good in Virtue of their Existence Without Being Absolute Goods,” “On the Catholic Faith,” and “Against Eutyches and Nestorius.” These essays serve to defend orthodox Christian doctrine against various heresies, particularly Arianism and Nestorianism. Boethius articulates his views carefully and philosophically. Consequently, philosophers often read the treatises as supplements to Boethius’ classic work, The Consolation of Philosophy.

Kathleen O’Bannon
CCEL Staff

About Boethius

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Picture of Boethius
Picture of Boethius
Source: Wikipedia
Born: AD 480
Died: AD 524
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