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February 5, 1820
June 11, 1899
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William Garden Blaikie was born in February 1820 in Aberdeen, Scotland. His father was the chief administrator of the city. William's middle name is his mother's maiden name, Jane Garden. Blaikie attended Marshall College, followed by further theological studies in Edinburgh. He was appointed to pastor a parish in Drumblade. A year later, he became the pastor of a congregation in Pilrig. Eventually, he was asked to be a Professor of Divinity at New College. Blaikie avidly promoted temperance. He was chairman of the Presbyterian Alliance. In addition to being a respected theologian, he was also an author and editor. His list of published pamphlets, books, sermons, devotionals, commentaries, letters, biographies, and magazines is lengthy, covering many topics and historical figures. He was a friend of D. L. Moody. Blaikie died on June 11, 1899, and is buried in the city of Edinburgh.

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