Causes and Danger of Slighting Christ and His Gospel.

by Richard Baxter


Causes and Danger of Slighting Christ and His Gospel are a series of sermons delivered by Richard Baxter at his parish in Kidderminster, England. Baxter was a theologian and church leader who lived in the 17th century. Baxter's sermons give specific examples of making"light of Christ" and provide some typical reasons why one would do so. But then he suggests ways to"awaken" the wayward, reform the straying, and strengthen one's resolve to"make light of Christ no more."

Wailand Groenendyk
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Picture of Richard Baxter
Picture of Richard Baxter
Source: Wikipedia
Born: November 12, 1615
Died: December 8, 1691
Related topics: Conversion, Baxter, Richard,--1615-1691, Church of England, Controversial literature, Christian life, …
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