Paradise or Garden of the Holy Fathers: Volume 1

by St. Athanasius


The Paradise of the Holy Fathers: Volume I by Saint Athanasius is a historical record of reclusive monks and church fathers. This volume recounts the stories of several"holy men" such as Palladius, Didymus, Pachomius, Kapiton, and Diocles. The stories of several women are also included."Virgins" such as Kaor, Piamon, Colluthus, and Maria. Some of the people are described only by their titles, such as"the Deacon,""the Bishop,""the Monk who fell," and"the Man with Nine Virtues." Each description of individuals shares how deeply devoted they were to living a monastic lifestyle, from burning all their earthly possessions to working miracles to being prayer warriors. The work offers a fascinating look back through the centuries to glimpse the religious fervor of time long since passed.

Wailand Groenendyk
CCEL Staff Writer

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Picture of St. Athanasius
Picture of St. Athanasius
Source: Wikipedia
Born: 298
Died: 374
Related topics: Athanasius,--Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria,--d. 373, Anthony,--of Egypt, Saint,--ca. 250-355 or 6, Arianism, Christian saints, Biography, …
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