Johann Arndt

Lutheran theologian and mystical writer


December 27, 1555
May 11, 1621
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Arndt, Johann,--1555-1621, Christianity, Devotional literature, Christian life, Christian life--Lutheran authors,


Johann Arndt was born in Germany on December 27, 1555. His formal education included many universities and teachers, including Simon Sulzer and Thomas Kempis. In addition to the catholic religion, the era in which Arndt lived birthed Calvinism, Lutheranism, and the seeds of Pietism. As a Lutheran theologian, he was assigned several churches. He began leaning toward Calvinism and eventually became a Calvinist in 1596. He wrote six books, two of which were published after his death in 1621. Perhaps his most widely read work is"True Christianity" (1605). Devotionals and Sermons were a part of his writing legacy, and some hymns, such as Choral Evensong.

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