Catena Aurea - Gospel of Matthew

by St. Thomas Aquinas


Catena Aurea, or "Golden Chain," is a unique style of biblical commentary comprised of fragments from other existing commentaries. Aquinas' Gospel of Matthew features the teachings of St. Augustine, St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Ambrose, The Venerable St. Bede, and other Church Fathers. Chapter by chapter, Aquinas draws together the biblical reflections of these great historical figures to create a continuous commentary on the Book of Matthew. This eight volume set was commissioned by Pope Urban IV in hopes that it would bring the Church a deeper understand of the early Christian faith. Aquinas' commentaries are excellent resources for biblical study because they contain a wealth of valuable references.

Emmalon Davis

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Picture of St. Thomas Aquinas
Picture of St. Thomas Aquinas
Source: Wikipedia
Born: January 28, 1225
Died: March 7, 1274
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