Christian Classics Ethereal Hymnary
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Hymnal Indexes

Anglican or Episcopal
Episcopal Hymnal, 1916
Cathedral Prayer Book, ~1910
Cathedral Psalter, ~1909
Baptist Hymnal, 1956
Baptist Hymnal, 1975
Baptist Hymnal, 1991
New Broadman Hymnal, 1977
Churches of Christ or Christian Church
Christian Hymns #2, 1948
Church Gospel Songs and Hymns, 1983
Great Hymns of the Faith, 1968
Great Songs of the Church, 1974
Hymns for Worship, 1987
Majestic Hymnal #2, 1959
Sacred Selections for the Church, 1960
Songs of the Church, 1977
Service Book and Hymnal, 1958
Lutheran Hymnal, 1941 (CCEL)
Presbyterian or Reformed
Anglo-Genevan Book of Praise, 1984 (settings from Koraalboek)
Book of Psalms (Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia
Book of Worship (Reformed Church of Australia)
Hymns Psalms and Spiritual Songs, 1990 (UPC)
Psalms in Meter, 1979 (RPC Church of Ireland)
Psalms for Singing, 1973 (RPCNA)
Psalter Hymnal, 1959 (CRC)
Psalter Hymnal, 1987 (CRC)
Scottish Psalmody, 1650, rev. 2000) (Free Church of Scotland)
Trinity Hymnal, 1961 (OPC)
Trinity Hymnal, 1990 (OPC)
Uncategorized or Other
101 Hymn Stories, 1982
101 More Hymn Stories, 1985
Hymns for the Living Church, 1974
My First Hymnal, 1994
Southern Harmony, 1835 (CCEL)
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