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Call to the Unconverted to Turn and Live by Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)

This 17th century Puritan devotional became wildly popular even after only a year following its publication. In some ways, the book’s popularity was somewhat of an anomaly.

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Baxter, Richard (1615-1691)

English Puritan church leader, poet, hymn-writer, theologian, and controversialist

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Ascent of the Son--The Descent of the Spirit: Kuyper Meditations by Kuyper, Abraham (1837-1920)

Abraham Kuyper, the widely respected Dutch theologian, offers the world a book of deep spiritual meditations in The Ascent of the Son—The Descent of the Spirit.

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Kuyper, Abraham (1837-1920)

Dutch Calvinist statesman and theologian

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Confession by Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich (1828-1910)

In this short book, the newly-converted Tolstoy shares some of the struggles he faced during a mid-life crisis of faith. He begins by reflecting upon how neither philosophy nor religion seemed to answer any of life’s great questions.

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Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich (1828-1910)

Russian novelist

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Body of Practical Divinity by Gill, John (1697-1771)

, John Gill presents his beliefs on the worship of God. The first section of his text features advice to Christians participating in internal worship. According to Gill, the worshippers should experience thankfulness, humility, and self-denial as they commune with God.

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Gill, John (1697-1771)

(1697 - 1771), English Baptist, Biblical scholar, staunch Calvinist

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Secret of Guidance by Meyer, Frederick Brotherton (1847-1929)

Many Christians wonder whether or not God has a plan for their future. F.B. Meyer spent his life as a pastor and evangelist ministering to people all over the world about God's unfailing guidance.

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Meyer, Frederick Brotherton (1847-1929)

Baptist pastor and evangelist in England

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