Note 105
From Chapter 40 of the Decline & Fall

Paul Silentiarius, in dark and poetic language, describes the various stones and marbles that were employed in the edifice of St. Sophia, (P. ii. p. 129, 133, etc., etc.:)

  1. The Carystian - pale, with iron veins.
  2. The Phrygian - of two sorts, both of a rosy hue; the one with a white shade, the other purple, with silver flowers.
  3. The Porphyry of Egypt - with small stars.
  4. The green marble of Laconia.
  5. The Carian - from Mount Iassis, with oblique veins, white and red.
  6. The Lydian - pale, with a red flower.
  7. The African, or Mauritanian - of a gold or saffron hue.
  8. The Celtic - black, with white veins.
  9. The Bosphoric - white, with black edges.

Besides the Proconnesian which formed the pavement; the Thessalian, Molossian, etc., which are less distinctly painted.

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