Scope Of Chapter 5
Fall In The West — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Proportion of the Military Force to the Number of the People—The Praetorian Guards — Their Institution,Their Camp, Strength and Confidence, Their specious claims— They offer the Empire to Sale
193It is purchased by Julian; Julian is acknowledged by the Senate; Takes possession of the Palace; The public DiscontentThe Armies of Britain, Syria, and Pannonia, declare against Julian ; Clodius Albinus in Britain, Pescennius Niger in Syria, Pannonia and Dalmatia ; Septimius Severus Declared Emperor by the Pannonian Legions; Marches into Italy, Advances towards Rome; Distress of Julian—His uncertain Conduct; deserted by the Praetorians; condemned and executed by Order of the Senate ; Disgrace of the Praetorian Guards—Funeral and Apotheosis of Pertinax
193-197Success of Severus against Niger and against Albinus— Conduct of the two Civil Wars ; Arts of Severus; Towards Niger, Towards Albinus ; Event of the Civil Wars Decided by one or two Battles — Siege of Byzantium ;Death of Niger and Albinus—Cruel Consequences of the Civil Wars; Animosity of Severus against the Senate — The Wisdom and Justice of his Government; General Peace and Prosperity—Relaxation of military Discipline ; New Establishment of the Praetorian Guards— The Office of Praetorian Prefect ; The Senate oppressed by military Despotism— New Maxims of the Imperial Prerogative
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