Scope Of Chapter 6
Fall In The WestThe Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Greatness and Discontent of Severus; His Wife the Empress Julia— Their two Sons, Caracalla and Geta; Their mutual Aversion; Three Emperors
208The Caledonian WarFingal and his Heroes Contrast of the Caledonians and the Romans; Ambition of Caracalla
211 Death of Severus, and Accession of his two Sons; Jealousy and Hatred of the two Emperors; Fruitless Negotiation for dividing the Empire between them
212Murder of Geta; Remorse and Cruelty of Caracalla; Death of Papinian
213His Tyranny extended over the whole Empire; Relaxation of Discipline
217Murder of Caracalla; Imitation of Alexander; Election and Character of Macrinus; Discontent of the Senate; Discontent of the Army; Macrinus attempts a Reformation of the Army; Death of the Empress Julia; Education, Pretensions, and Revolt of Elagabalus — called at first Bassianus and Antoninus
218Defeat and Death of Macrinus; Elagabalus writes to the Senate
219Picture of Elagabalus—His Superstition, Luxury; Contempt of Decency, Discontents of the Army
221Alexander Severus declared Caesar
222Sedition of the Guards, and Murder of Elagabalus; Accession of Alexander Severus; Power of his Mother Mamaea; His Administration ; Education and Temper of Alexander; his Journal

General Happiness of the Roman World; Alexander refuses the Name of Antoninus— tries to reform the Army; Seditions of the Praetorian Guards, and Murder of Ulpian; Danger of Dion Cassius; Tumults of the Legions
Firmness of the Emperor; Defects of his Reign and Character; Finances of the Empire; Establishment of the Tribute on Roman Citizens; Abolition of the Tribute; Tributes of the Provinces—Of Asia, Egypt, Gaul, Africa, and Spain, Of the Isle of GyarusAmount of the Revenue
Taxes on Roman Citizens instituted by Augustus
The CustomsThe Excise Tax on Legacies and Inheritances
Regulations of the Emperors; Edict of Caracalla; The Freedom of the City given to all Provincials ; Temporary Reduction of the Tribute; Consequences of the universal Freedom of Rome
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