Scope Of Chapter 4
From The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire In The West by Edward Gibbon

The cruelty, follies and murder of Commodus — Election Of Pertinax — His attempts to reform the state — His assasination by the Praetorian Guards; Indulgence of Marcus, To his wife Faustina ,To his son Commodus
180 Accession of the Emperor Commodus, Character of Commodus, His Return to Rome
183Is wounded by an Assassin; Hatred and Cruelty of Commodus towards the Senate; The Quintilian Brothers
186The Minister Perennis: Revolt of Maternus; The Minister Cleander; His Avarice and Cruelty
189Sedition and Death of Cleander; Dissolute Pleasures of Commodus; His Ignorance and low Sports ; Hunting of Wild Beasts; Commodus displays his Skill in the Amphitheatre; Acts as a Gladiator; His Infamy and Extravagance; Conspiracy of his Domestics
192Death of Commodus; Choice of Pertinax for Emperor; He is acknowledged by the Praetorian Guards
193And by the Senate; The memory of Commodus declared infamous; Legal Jurisdiction of the Senate over the Emperors; Virtues of Pertinax; He endeavours to reform the State; His Regulations; His Popularity; Discontent of the Praetorians; A Conspiracy Prevented ; Murder of Pertinax by the Praetorians
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