Scope Of Chapter 30
Fall In The West — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Revolt of the Goths —They Plunder Greece —Two Great Invasions of Italy by Alaric and Radagaisus —They Are repulsed by Stilicho—The Germans Overrun Gaul —Usurpation of Constantine in the West —Disgrace and Death of Stilicho
395 Revolt of the Goths
396 Alaric marches into Greece
397He is attacked by Stilicho— Escapes to Epirus
398 Alaric is declared Master-General of the Eastern Illyricum
Is proclaimed King of the Visigoths
400-403 He invades Italy
403 Honorius flies from Milan— He is pursued and besieged by the Goths; Battle of Pollentia; Boldness and Retreat of Alaric
404 The Triumph of Honorius at Rome; The Gladiators abolished; Honorius fixes his Residence at Ravenna
400 The Revolutions of Scythia
405 Emigration of the northern Germans
406 Radagaisus invades Italy— besieges Florence— threatens Rome; Defeat and Destruction of his Army by Stilicho; The Remainder of the Germans invade Gaul
407 Desolation of Gaul; Revolt of the British Army
Constantine is acknowledged in Britain and Gaul
408 He reduces Spain
404-408 Negotiation of Alaric and Stilicho
408 Debates of the Roman Senate; Intrigues of the Palace
Disgrace and Death of Stilicho— His Memory persecuted
The Poet Claudian among the Train of Stilicho's Dependents
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