Scope Of Chapter 31 Fall In The West — from 'The History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon

Invasion of Italy by Alaric—Manners of the Roman Senate and People—Rome Is Thrice Besieged, and at Length Pillaged, by the Goths; Death of Alaric—The Goths Evacuate Italy—Fall of Constantine — Gaul and Spain Are Occupied by the Barbarians—Independence of Britain
408 Weakness of the Court of Ravenna; Alaric marches to Rome— Hannibal at the Gates of Rome; Genealogy of the Senators— The Anician Family; Wealth of the Roman Nobles— Their Manners; Character of the Roman Nobles, by Ammianus Marcellinus; State and Character of the People of Rome; Public Distribution of Bread, Bacon, Oil, Wine, etc.; Use of the public Baths— Games and Spectacles; Populousness of Rome— First Siege of Rome by the Goths; Famine PlagueSuperstition
409 Alaric accepts a Ransom and raises the Siege—Fruitless Negotiations for Peace; Change and Succession of Ministers — 2nd Siege of Rome by the Goths; Attalus is created Emperor by the Goths and Romans
410 He is degraded by Alaric— 3rd Siege and Sack of Rome by the Goths; Respect of the Goths for the Christian Religion; Pillage and Fire of Rome— Captives and Fugitives; Sack of Rome by the Troops of Charles V— Alaric evacuates Rome, and ravages Italy
408 — 412 Possession of Italy by the Goths
410 Death of Alaric
412 Adolphus, King of the Goths; concludes a Peace with the Empire, and marches into Gaul
414 His Marriage with Placidia— The Gothic Treasures
410-417 Laws for the Relief of Italy and Rome
413 Revolt and Defeat of Heraclian, Count of Africa
409-413 Revolutions of Gaul and Spain; Character and Victories of the General Constantius
411 Death of the Usurper Constantine
411-416 Fall of the Usurpers, Jovinus, Sebastian, and Attalus
409 Invasion of Spain by the Suevi, Vandals, Alani, etc
414 Adolphus, King of the Goths, marches into Spain
415 His Death
415-418 The Goths conquer and restore Spain
419 Their establishment in Aquitain—The Burgundians
420,etc. State of the Barbarians in Gaul
409Revolt of Britain and Armorica
409-499 State of Britain
418 Assembly of the Seven Provinces of Gaul
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