Scope Of Chapter 3
From The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire In The West by Edward Gibbon

Of the Constitution of the Roman Empire in the Age of the Antonines
Idea of a Monarchy; Situation of Augustus; He reforms the Senate; Resigns his usurped Power —Is prevailed upon to resume it under the Title of Emperor or General; Power of the Roman Generals; Lieutenants of the Emperor; Division of the Provinces between the Emperor and the Senate; The former preserves his Military Command, and Guards, in Rome itself; Consular and Tribunitian powers; Imperial Prerogatives; The Magistrates; The Senate; General Idea of the Imperial System; Court of the Emperors; Deification; Titles of Augustus and Caesar; Character and Policy of Augustus; Image of Liberty for the People; Attempts of the Senate after the Death of Caligula; Image of Government for the Armies — Their Obedience; Designation of a Successor; Of Tiberius; Of Titus; The Race of the Caesars, and Flavian Family
96 Adoption and Character of Trajan
117 Of Hadrian; Adoption of the Elder and younger Verus
138-180 Adoption of the two Antonines; Character and Reign of Pius; Character and Reign of Marcus; Happiness of the Romans— Its Precarious Nature; Memory of Tiberius, Caligula, Nero, and Domitian; Peculiar Misery of the Romans under the Tyrants; Insensibility of the Orientals; Knowledge and free Spirit of the Romans; Extent of their Empire left them no place of Refuge
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