Scope Of Chapter 24
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Residence of Julian at Antioch—His successful expedition against the Persians —Passage of the Tigris —The retreat and death of Julian —Election of Jovian —He saves the Roman army by a disgraceful treaty — The Caesars of Julian
362He resolves to march against the Persians
Julian proceeds from Constantinople to Antioch
Licentious Manners of the People of Antioch
Their Aversion to Julian
Scarcity of Corn, and public Discontent
Julian composes a Satire against Antioch
344-390 The Sophist Libanius
363March of Julian to the Euphrates
His Design of invading Persia
Disaffection of the King of Armenia
Military Preparations; Julian enters the Persian Territories
His March over the Desert of Mesopotamia; His Success
Description of Assyria; Invasion of Assyria
Siege of Perisabor; Siege of Maogamalcha
363Personal Behaviour of Julian
He transports his Fleet from the Euphrates to the Tigris
Passage of the Tigris, and Victory of the Romans
Situation and Obstinacy of Julian; He burns his Fleet
Marches against Sapor; Retreat and Distress of the Roman Army
Julian is mortally wounded; Death of Julian
Election of the Emperor Jovian
Danger and Difficulty of the Retreat
Negotiation and Treaty of Peace
The Weakness and Disgrace of Jovian
He continues his Retreat to Nisibis
Universal Clamour against the Treaty of Peace
Jovian evacuates Nisibis, and restores the five Provinces to the Persians
Reflections on the Death of Julian; On his Funeral
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