Scope Of Chapter 25 From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

The Government and Death of Jovian—Election of Valentinian, who Associates His Brother Valens, and Makes the Final Division of the Eastern and Western Empires—Revolt of Procopius —Civil and Ecclesiastical Administration—GermanyBritainAfrica.—The EastThe DanubeDeath of Valentinian—His Two Sons, Gratian and Valentinian II., Succeed to the Western Empire
363State of the Church— Jovian proclaims universal Toleration; His Progress from Antioch
364Jovian, with his infant Son,; assumes the Name and Ensigns of the Consulship; Death of Jovian — Vacancy of the Throne ; Election and Character of Valentinian; He is acknowledged by the Army— Associates his Brother Valens; The final Division of the Eastern and Western Empire
365 Revolt of Procopius
366His Defeat and Death
373Severe Inquisition into the Crime of Magic at Rome and Antioch
364-375Cruelty of Valentinian and Valens—Their Laws and Government; Valentinian maintains the Religious Toleration
367-378Valens professes Arianism, and persecutes the Catholics
373Death of Athanasius— Just Idea of the Persecution of Valens
370Valentinian restrains the Avarice of the Clergy
366-384Ambition and Luxury of Damasus, Bishop of Rome
364-375 Foreign Wars
3651 GERMANY —The Alemanni Invade Gaul
366Their Defeat
368Valentinian passes and fortifies the Rhine
371BurgundiansSaxons; 2 BRITAIN —The Scots & Picts
343-366Their Invasion of Britain
367-370Restoration of Britain by Theodosius
3663 AFRICA —Tyranny of Romanus
372 Revolt of Firmus
373 Theodosius recovers Africa
376 He is executed at Carthage—State of Africa
365-3784 THE EAST — The Persian War
384Treaty of Peace— Adventures of Para, King of Armenia
5 THE DANUBE —Conquests of Hermanric
366Cause of the Gothic War
367,368,369Hostilities, and Peace
374 War of the Quadi and Sarmatians
375Expedition of Valentinian— His Death; The Emperors Gratian and Valentinian II.
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