Scope Of Chapter 21
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Persecution of heresy—The Schism of the Donatists—The Arian Controversy—Athanasius—Distracted state of the Church and the Empire under Constantine and his sons—Toleration of Paganism
312 African Controversy
315Schism of the Donatists, The Trinitarian Controversy
B.C. 360 The System of Plato— The Logos
B.C. 300 Taught in the School of Alexandria
97 Revealed by the Apostle St. John; The Ebionites and Docetes; Mysterious Nature of the Trinity; Zeal of the Christians; Church Authority; Factions
318 Heterodox Opinions of Arius; Three Systems of the Trinity—ArianismTritheismSabellianism
325 Council of Nice. The Homoousion, Arian Creeds, Arian Sects; Faith of the Western, or Latin Church
360 Council of Rimini, Conduct of the Emperors in the Arian Controversy
324 Indifference of Constantine
325 His Zeal
328-337 He persecutes the Arian and the Orthodox Party
337-361 Constantius favours the Arians, Arian Councils; Character and Adventures of Athanasius
330 Persecution against Athanasius
336 His first Exile
338 and Restoration
341 His second Exile
349 and second Restoration
351 Resentment of Constantius
353-355 Councils of Arles and Milan
355 Condemnation of Athanasius; Exiles
356 Third Expulsion of Athanasius from Alexandria; —His Behaviour
356-362 His Retreat; Arian Bishops; Divisions: Rome & Constantinople; Cruelty of the Arians
345,etc Revolt and Fury of the Donatist Circumcellions; — Religious Suicides
312-361 Character of the Christian Sects; Toleration of Paganism by Constantine— And his Sons
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