Scope Of Chapter 22
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Julian is declared emperor by the legions of Gaul —His march and success —The death of Constantius —Civil Administration of Julian The Jealousy of Constantius against Julian; Fears and Envy of Constantius
360 The Legions of Gaul are ordered to march into the East
Their Discontents
They proclaim Julian Emperor
His Protestations of Innocence
His Embassy to Constantius
360,361 His fourth and fifth Expeditions beyond the Rhine
361 Fruitless Treaty and Declaration of War
Julian prepares to attack Constantius
His March from the Rhine into Illyricum
He justifies his Cause
Hostile Preparations
And death of Constantius
Julian enters Constantinople
Is acknowledged by the whole Empire
His civil Government and private Life
Reformation of the Palace
Chamber of Justice
Punishment of the Innocent and the Guilty
Clemency of Julian
His Love of Freedom and the Republic
His Care of the Grecian Cities
Julian an Orator and a Judge
His Character
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