Scope Of Chapter 20
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

The motives,progress and effects of the conversion of Constantine — Legal establishment of the Christian, or Catholic, church

Date of the Conversion of Constantine; His Pagan Superstition

He protects the Christians of Gaul
313Edict of Milan; Use and Beauty of the Christian Morality; Theory and Practice of Passive Obedience; Divine Right of Constantine
324General Edict of Toleration;Loyalty and Zeal of the Christian Party; Expectation and Belief of a Miracle
1The Labarum, or Standard of the Cross
2 The Dream of Constantine
3Appearance of a Cross in the sky
The Conversion of Constantine might be sincere; The fourth Eclogue of Virgil; Devotion and Privileges of Constantine; Delay of his Baptism till the approach of Death; Propagation of Christianity

Change of the National Religion; Distinction of the Spiritual and Temporal Powers; State of the Bishops under the Christian Emperors
1Election of Bishops
2Ordination of the Clergy
3 Property
4Civil Jurisdiction
5Spiritual Censures
6 Freedom of Public Preaching
7Privilege of Legislative Assemblies
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