Scope Of Chapter 19
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Constantius sole emperor—Elevation and death of Gallus—Danger and elevation of Julian—Sarmatian and Persian wars—Victories of Julian in Gaul— Power of the Eunuchs, Education of Gallus and Julian
324 Jealousy of Constantine
351Gallus declared Caesar; Cruelty and Imprudence of Gallus
354Massacre of the Imperial Ministers
Dangerous situation of Gallus
His Disgrace and Death
The Danger and Escape of Julian
355 He is sent to Athens; Recalled to Milan
Declared Caesar; Fatal End of Sylvanus
357 Constantius visits Rome; A new Obelisk
357,358,359 The Quadian and Sarmatian War
324 Jealousy of Constantine
358 The Persian Negotiation
359Invasion of Mesopotamia by Sapor; Siege of Amida
360 Siege of Singara; Conduct of the Romans
Invasion of Gaul by the Germans; Conduct of Julian
356 His first Campaign in Gaul
357 His second Campaign; Battle of Strasburg
358 Julian subdues the Franks
Makes three Expeditions beyond the Rhine
Restores the Cities of Gaul
Civil Administration of Julian
Description of Paris
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