Scope Of Chapter 18
From Fall in The West Part of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon

Character of Constantine—Gothic War—Death of Constantine—Division of the empire among his three sons— Persian War—Tragic death of Constantine the Younger, and Constans—Usurpation of Magnetius—Civil War Victory of Constantius Character of Constantine, His Virtues, His Vices, His Family — Virtues of Crispus
324 Jealousy of Constantine
325 Edict of Constantine
326 Disgrace and Death of Crispus; The Empress Fausta; The Sons and Nephews of Constantine; Their Education; Manners of the Sarmatians; Their Settlement near the Danube
331 The Gothic War
334 Expulsion of the Sarmatians
337 Death and Funeral of Constantine; Factions of the Court; Massacre of the Princes; Division of the Empire
310 Sapor, King of Persia; State of Mesopotamia and Armenia
342 Death of Tiridates
337-360 The Persian War
348 Battle of Singara
338,346,350 Siege of Nisibis
340 Civil War, and Death of Constantine
350 Murder of Constans; Magnentius and Vetranio assume the Purple; Constantius refuses to treat; Deposes Vetranio
351 Makes War against Magnentius; Battle of Mursa
352 Conquest of Italy
353 Last Defeat and Death of Magnentius
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