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The Final Conflict and Heaven

The Christian Soldier rejoicing that he has overcome.


So ists an dem dass ich mit Freude

Spener. 1676.

When now at last the hour is come,

That I have long'd for many a time,

When God with joy should call me home

From this strange land, this wintry clime;

Thy victim, Death, escapes no more,

The hour draws on when I shall be

From all the bonds of earth set free,

And life's long battle shall be o'er.

To combat for His glory here

The Father sent me forth;--and lo!

The hour of victory draws near,

And conquer'd now is every foe;


And I have borne me in the strife

As true and fearless warriors ought,

And bravely to the last have fought

Through all the wars and woes of life.

My cry, when rough the march and dark,

Was, watch and strive till thou hast won,

Press forward fearless to the mark!

As now, thank God, at last I've done.

Now it is o'er, I cannot miss;

Through every danger to the death

True to my Lord I've kept the faith,

And freely risk'd all else for this.

It lacketh now a few short hours,

And I am in eternity;

The wreath of fadeless heavenly flowers

Is twined already there for me,

The crown is waiting for me there,

Until the fight is wholly fought,

And all my soul is thither caught,

Where shining palms the conquerors bear.

But when that morning shall appear,

When our great judge, the Son of God,

Shall give to those who loved Him here

Their gracious undeserved reward,

Then in the glorious halls above,

I too among that host shall stand,

And take from His all-faithful hand

The crown of righteousness and love.


Nor shall I yonder stand alone,

I see the crownèd host appear,

The mighty host before His throne,

Who shine for ever pure and clear,

The souls of those, who on their way

Still hour by hour were longing here,

With burning love, and many a tear,

To see the glories of His Day.

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