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The Final Conflict and Heaven

The Faithful Servant Longing for Peace.


Herr nun lass in Friede

David Böhme. 1605-1657.

Lord, now let Thy servant

Pass in peace away;

I have had enough of life,

Here I would not stay:

Let me go, if such Thy will,

With a heart at rest and still.

Here, Lord, have I wrestled,

Suffer'd many a woe,

Fought as fearless warriors fight,

Conquer'd many a foe,

Kept the faith with them of old,

Help'd to guard and warn Thy fold.

Many an hour of sorrow,

Many an anguish'd tear,

Many a thorny path was mine

With Thy people here;

O'er my sins I've had to mourn,

Many a cross and trial borne.


All at last is ended,

Fight and race are o'er,

God will free me from all ills

Now for evermore;

To a better life I go,

Than this tearful earth can show.

Peace shall I find yonder,

And be free from sin,

No more strife and wars without,

No more foes within,

All around me shall be peace,

And the joy that cannot cease.

Where they bear the sceptre,

There a crown for me

Is laid up through Jesu's grace,

Bright that crown shall be:

Deepest calm my soul shall fill,

And this longing shall be still.

My Redeemer liveth,

He shall bid me rise

From the gloomy realm of death,

There all sorrow lies,

And I need not fear to wake,

Since His voice my sleep shall break.

He will change this body,

Make it like His own,

When the dead arise from earth,

When the trump is blown,


I shall see Him face to face,

Here my steadfast hope I place.

Therefore of His mercy

Ever will I sing,

All my heart and soul to Him

Praise and thanks shall bring;

Praise Him now, and praise Him then,

When the heavens shall cry, Amen!

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