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The Final Conflict and Heaven

In the near prospect of Death.


O Herre Gott ich ruf zu dir

Nicholas Selnecker. 1587.

O Lord my God, I cry to Thee,

In my distress Thou helpest me;

To Thee myself I all commend,

Oh swiftly now Thine angel send

To guide me home, and cheer my heart,

Since Thou dost call me to depart!

O Jesu Christ, Thou Lamb of God,

Once slain to take away our load,

Now let Thy cross, Thine agony,

Avail to save and solace me;

Thy death to open heaven, and there

Bid me the joy of angels share.

O Holy Spirit, at the end,

Sweet Comforter, be Thou my Friend!

When death and hell assail me sore,

Leave me, oh leave me, nevermore,

But bear me safely through that strife,

As Thou hast promised, into life!

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