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The Final Conflict and Heaven

In Time of dangerous Duty.


Ich hab mein Sach Gott heirngestellt

J. Pappus. 1598.

My cause is God's, and I am still,

Let Him do with me as He will;

Whether for me the fight is won,

Or scarce begun,

I ask no more--His will be done!

My sins are more than I can bear,

Yet not for this will I despair,

I know to death and to the grave

The Father gave

His dearest Son, that He might save.

In Him my Saviour I abide,

I know for all my sins He died,

And risen again to work my good,

The burning flood

Hath quench'd with His most precious blood.

To Him I live and die alone,

Death cannot part Him from His own;

Living or dying I am His

Who only is

Our comfort, and our gate of bliss.


This is my solace, day by day,

When snares and death beset my way,

I know that at the morn of doom

From out the tomb

With joy to meet Him I shall come.

Then I shall see God face to face,

I doubt it not, through Jesu's grace,

Amid the joys prepared for me!

Thanks be to Thee

Who givest us the victory!

O Jesus Christ, Thou Son of God,

Who once for me didst bear the rod,

Ah hide me in Thy wounded heart

When I depart;

My help, my hope, Thou only art!

Amen, dear God! now send us faith,

And at the last a happy death;

And grant us all ere long to be

In heaven with Thee,

To praise Thee there eternally.

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