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Songs of the Cross

The Sufficiency of God.


Sollt es denn bisweilen scheinen

C. Titius. 1641-1703.

Seems it in my anguish lone,

As though God forsook His own,

Yet I hold this knowledge fast,

God will surely help at last.

Though awhile it be delay'd

He denieth not His aid;

Though it come not oft with speed,

It will surely come at need.

As a father not too soon

Grants his child the long'd-for boon,

So our God gives when He will;

Wait His leisure and be still.

I can rest in thoughts of Him,

When all courage else grows dim,

For I know my soul shall prove

His is more than father's love.

Would the powers of ill affright,

I can smile at all their might;

Or the cross be pressing sore,

God, my God, lives evermore!

Man may hate me causelessly,

Man may plot to ruin me,


Foes my heart may pierce and rend;

God in heaven is still my Friend.

Earth may all her gifts deny,

Safe my treasure still on high,

And if heaven at last be mine,

All things else I can resign.

I renounce thee willingly,

World, I hate what pleases thee,

Baneful every gift of thine,

Only be my God still mine.

Ah Lord, if but Thee I have

Nought of other good I crave,

Bright is even death's dark road,

If but Thou art there, my God.

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