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(Index of Tunes, LIV.)


Tune.--"Christ the Life of all the living."

Sheet Music

Herr! auf Erden muss ich leiden

Neumann, 1700

Lord, on earth I dwell sad-hearted,

Here I oft must mourn and sigh;

Wherefore hast Thou then departed,

Why ascendest Thou on high?

Take me, take me hence with Thee,

Or abide, Lord, still in me;

Let Thy love and gifts be left,

That I be not all bereft.

Leave Thy heart still inly near me,

Take mine hence where Thou art gone,

Open heaven to me, and hear me

When to Thee I cry alone;

When I cannot pray, oh plead

With Thy Father in my stead;

Seated now at God's right hand,

Help us here, Thy faithful band.

Worldly joys I cast behind me,

Let me choose the better part,

And though mortal chains yet bind me,

Heavenly be my thoughts and heart;

That my time through faith may be

Order'd for eternity;

Till we rise, all perils oer,

Whither Thou hast gone before.

Then return, the promise keeping

That was made to us of old;

Raise the members that are sleeping

Gnaw'd of death beneath the mould.

Judge the evil world that deems

Thy sure words but empty dreams;

And for all our sorrows past

Let us know Thy joy at last.

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