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(Index of Tunes, LV.)


Tune.--"Jesus Christ, my sure defence."

Sheet Music

Himmelan geht unsre Bahn

Schmolck, 1731

Heavenward doth our journey tend,

Here on earth we are but strangers,

Towards our Promised Land we wend,

Through a wilderness of dangers;

Here we roam, a pilgrim band,

Yonder is our native land.

Heavenward stretch, my soul, thy wings,

Thou canst claim a heavenly nature;

Cleave not to these earthly things,

Thou canst rest not in the creature.

Every soul that God inspires,

Back to Him, its Source, aspires.

Heavenward! doth His Spirit cry,

Oft as in His word I hear Him;

Pointing to the rest on high

Where I shall be ever near Him.

When His word fills all my thought,

Oft to heaven my soul is caught.

Heavenward still I long to haste,

When Thy supper, Lord, is given;

Heavenly strength on earth I taste,

Feeding on the Bread of Heaven;

Such is e'en on earth our fare,

Who Thy marriage feast will share.

Heavenward! To that blessed home

Death at last will surely lead me;

All my trials overcome,

Christ with life and joy will feed me;

Who Himself hath gone before

That we too might heavenward soar.

Heavenward! This thall be my cry

While a pilgrim here I wander,

Passing earth's allurements by

For the love of what is yonder;

Heavenward all my being tends,

Till in Heaven my journey ends.

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