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(VI.--"Allein zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ.")


Original Tune.

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Allein zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ

Schneesing, 1522

Lord Jesu Christ, in Thee alone

My only hope on earth I place,

For other comforter is none,

No help have I but in Thy grace.

There is no man nor creature here,

No angel in the heav'nly sphere,

Who at my need can succour me;

I cry to Thee,

For Thou canst end my misery.

My sin is very sore and great,

I weep and mourn its load beneath;

O free me from this heavy weight,

My Saviour, through Thy precious death;

And with my Father for me plead

That Thou hast suffer'd in my stead;

From me the burden then is roll'd,

And I lay hold

On Thy dear promises of old.

And of Thy mercy now bestow

True Christian faith on me, O Lord!

That all the sweetness I may know

That in Thy holy cross is stored;

Love Thee o'er earthly pride or pelf,

And love my neighbour as myself;

And when at last is come my end,

Be Thou my Friend,

From all assaults my soul defend.

Glory to God in highest heaven,

The Father of eternal love;

To His clear Son, for sinners given,

Whose watchful grace we daily prove;

To God the Holy Ghost on high;

Oh ever be His comfort nigh,

And teach us, free from sin and fear,

To please Him here,

And serve Him in the sinless sphere!

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