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(Index of Tunes, LXXX.)


Tune.--"Heart and heart together bound."

Sheet Music

O Durchbrecher aller Bande

G. Arnold, 1697

Thou, who breakest ev'ry chain,

Thou who still art ever near,

Thou with whom disgrace and pain

Turn to joy and heav'n e'en here;

Let Thy further judgments fall

An the Adam strong within,

Till Thy grace hath freed us all

From the prison-house of sin.

'Tis Thy Father's will towards us

Thou shouldst end Thy work at length;

Hence in Thee are centred thus

Perfect wisdom, love, and strength,

That Thou none shouldst lose of those

Whom He gave Thee, though they roam

'Wilder'd here amid their foes,

Thou shouldst bring them safely home,

Look upon our bonds, and see

How doth all creation groan

'Neath the yoke of vanity,

Make Thy full redemption known.

Still we wrestle, cry, and pray,

Held in bitter bondage fast,

Though the soul would break away

Into higher things at last.

Lord, we do not ask for rest

For the flesh, we only pray

Thou wouldA do as seems Thee best,

Ere yet comes our parting day;

But our spirit clings to Thee,

Will not, dare not, let Thee go,

Until Thou have set her free

From the bonds that cause her woe.

Ours the fault it is, we own,

We are slaves to self and sloth,

Yet oh leave us not alone

In the living death we loathe!

Crush'd beneath our burden's weight,

Crying at Thy feet we fall,

Point the path, though steep and strait,

Thou didst open once for all.

Ah how dearly were we bought

Not to serve the world or sin;

By the work that Thou hast wrought

Must Thou make us pure within,

Wholly pure and free,--in us

Be Thine image now restored:

Fill'd from out Thy fulness thus

Grace for grace on us is pour'd.

Draw us to Thy cross, O Love,

Crucify with Thee whate'er

Cannot dwell with Thee above;

Lead us to those regions fair!

Courage! long the time may seem,

Yet His day is coming fast;

We shall be like them that dream

When our freedom dawns at last.

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