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(CIII.--Crüger's tune: "Von Gott will ich nicht lassen.")


Sheet Music

Zeuch ein zu deinem Thoren

Gerhardt, 1653

O enter, Lord, Thy temple,

Be Thou my spirit's guest!

Who at my birth didst give me

A second birth more blest.

Thou in the Godhead, Lord,

Though here to dwell Thou deignest,

For ever equal reignest,

Art equally adored.

O enter, let me know Thee,

And feel Thy power within,

The power that breaks our fetters,

And rescues us from sin;

So wash and cleanse Thou me,

That I may serve Thee truly,

And render honour duly

With perfect heart to Thee.

'Tis Thou, O Spirit, teachest

The soul to pray aright;

Thy songs have sweetest mufic,

Thy prayers have wondrous might;

Unheard they cannot fall,

They pierce the highest heaven,

Till He His help hath given

Who surely helpeth all.

Joy is Thy gift, O Spirit!

Thou wouldst not have us pine;

In darkest hours Thy comfort

Doth aye most brightly shine;

Ah then how oft thy voice

Hath shed its sweetness o'er me,

And open'd heaven before me,

And bid my heart rejoice!

All love is Thine, O Spirit!

Thou hatest enmity;

Thou lovest peace and friendship,

All strife wouldst have us flee;

Where wrath and discord reign

Thy whisper inly pleadeth,

And to the heart that heedeth

Brings love and light again.

The whole wide world, O Spirit!

Upon Thy hands doth rest,

Our wayward hearts Thou turnest:

As it may seem Thee best;

Once more Thy power make known!

As Thou hast done so often,

Convert the wicked, soften

To tears the heart of stone.

With holy zeal then fill us,

To keep the faith still pure

And bless our lands and houses

With wealth that may endure;

And make that foe to flee

Who in us with Thee striveth

From out our heart he driveth

Whate'er delighteth Thee.

Order our path in all things

According to Thy mind,

And when this life is over,

And must be all resign'd,

Oh grant us then to die

With calm and fearless spirit,

And after death inherit

Eternal life on high.

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