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(Index of Tunes, CXVII.)


Tune.--"O Morning Star! how fair and bright."

Sheet Music

O Heil'ger Geist, kehr bei uns ein

M. Schirmer, 1650

O Holy Spirit, enter in,

Among these hearts Thy work begin,

Thy temple deign to make us;

Sun of the soul, Thou Light Divine

Around and in us brightly shine,

To strength and gladness wake us.

Where Thou shinest Life from heaven

There is given,

We before Thee

For that precious gift implore Thee.

Left to ourselves we shall but stray;

O lead us on the narrow way,

With wisest counsel guide us,

And give us steadfastness, that we

May henceforth truly follow Thee,

Whatever woes betide us;

Heal Thou gently Hearts now broken,

Give some token

Thou art near us,

Whom we trust to light and cheer us.

O mighty Rock, O Source of Life,

Let Thy dear Word, 'mid doubt and strife,

Be so within us burning

That we be faithful unto death,

In Thy pure love and holy faith,

From Thee true wisdom learning;

Lord, Thy graces On us shower,

By Thy power

Christ confessing,

Let us win His grace and blessing.

O gentle Dew, from heaven now fall

With power upon the hearts of all,

Thy tenderness instilling;

That heart to heart more closely bound,

Fruitful in kindly deeds be found,

The law of love fulfilling;

No wrath, no strife Here thall grieve thee,

We receive Thee,

Where Thou livest

Peace and love and joy Thou givest.

Grant that our days, while life shall last,

In purest holiness be past;

Our minds so rule and strengthen

That they may rise o'er things of earth,

The hopes and joys that here have birth;

And if our course Thou lengthen,

Keep Thou pure, Lord, From offences,

Heart and senses,

Blessed Spirit,

Bid us thus true life inherit!

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