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Part 5

1 Peter 1:3, &c.

Father, hail, by all adored,

Father of our bleeding Lord!

God of mercy, Thee we praise,

Saved by Thy abundant grace:

To a lively hope begot,

Into second being brought,

Quicken’d by, and with, our Head,

Raised in Jesus from the dead.

Raised to inherit glorious joys,

Happiness that never cloys,

Happiness without allay,

Joys that never fade away;

Manna such as angels eat,

Pure delights for spirits fit,

All to us through Jesus given,

All for us reserved in heaven.

There we shall in glory shine,

Kept on earth by power Divine;

Power Divine through faith received:

We the promise have believed;

Confident that Christ shall come,

Make the faithful souls His home,

Here in part Himself reveal,

Stamp us with the Spirit’s seal.

This we now rejoice to know,

Sorrowful howe’er we go,

Exercised, if need require,

Purged in the refining fire:

Faith the trial shall abide,

Shine, as gold, when fully tried,

Glory, honour, praise receive,

Which the Righteous Judge shall give.

Him we love, as yet unseen;

(Flesh is interposed between;)

Only faith’s interior eye

Darkly can its Lord descry:

Gladden’d by the partial sight,

Swells our soul with vast delight,

Glorious and unspeakable;—

Heaven begun on earth we feel.

Here the sinner that believes

Everlasting life receives;

Here angelic bliss we find,

Bliss the same with theirs in kind,—

Only differing in degree:

Lengthen’d out it soon shall be;

All our heaven we then shall prove,

All the eternity of love.

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