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Part 4

Partners of a glorious hope,

Lift your hearts and voices up;

Jointly let us rise and sing

Christ our Prophet, Priest, and King.

Monuments of Jesu’s grace,

Speak we by our lives His praise,

Walk in Him we have received,

Show we not in vain believed.

While we walk with God in light,

God our hearts doth still unite,

Dearest fellowship we prove,

Fellowship of Jesu’s love;

Sweetly each with each combined,

In the bonds of duty join’d,

Feels the cleansing blood applied,

Daily feels that Christ hath died.

Still, O Lord, our faith increase;

Cleanse from all unrighteousness:

Thee the unholy cannot see;

Make, O, make us meet for Thee.

Every vile affection kill,

Root out every seed of ill;

Utterly abolish sin,

Write Thy law of love within.

Hence may all our actions flow,

Love the proof that Christ we know;

Mutual love the token be,

Lord, that we belong to Thee:

Love, Thy image love, impart,

Stamp it on our face and heart;

Only love to us be given,

Lord, we ask no other heaven.

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