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Christ Our Redemption

1 Corinthians 1:30.

Thee, O my great Deliverer, Thee

My Ransom, I adore:

Thy death from hell hath set me free.

And I am damn’d no more.

In Thee I sure redemption have,

The pardon of my sin;

Thy blood I find mighty to save;

Thy blood hath made me clean.

I feel the power of Jesu’s name,

It breaks the captive’s chain;

And men oppose, and fiends exclaim,

And sin subsists in vain.

Redeem’d from sin, its guilt and power

My soul in faith defies:

But, O! I wait the welcome hour

When this frail body dies.

Come Thou, my dear Redeemer, come,

Let me my life resign;

O, take Thy ransom’d servant home,

And make me wholly Thine.

Fully redeem’d, I fain would rise

In soul and body free,

And mount to meet Thee in the skies,

And ever reign with Thee.

“It is Very Meet, Right, and our Bounden Duty, That we Should at All Times, and in All Places, Give Thanks Unto Thee, O Lord, Holy Father, Almighty, Everlasting God.”

Meet and right it is to sing

Glory to our God and King;

Meet in every time and place.

Right to show forth all Thy praise.

Sing we now in duty bound,

Echo the triumphant sound,

Publish it through earth abroad,

Praise the everlasting God.

Praises here to Thee we give,

Here our open thanks receive,

Holy Father, Sovereign Lord,

Always, everywhere adored.

Sons of Belial, hear the cry,

Loud as ye our God defy:

You can glory in your shame;

Shall not we our God proclaim?

You can brave the eternal laws,

Zealous in your master’s cause:

Jesu shall Thy servants be

Less resolved and bold for Thee?

No, though men and fiends exclaim,

Sing we still in Jesu’s name;

Jesus will we ever bless,

Thee before Thy foes confess.

Silent have we been too long,

Awed by earth’s rebellious throng;

Should we still to sing deny,

Lord, the very stones would cry


[The seven short Hymns to the Trinity which follow this poem in the first edition were transferred by the Author to another publication, and will be reprinted there.]

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