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Christ Our Sanctification

1 Corinthians 1:30.

Jesu! my Life, Thyself apply,

Thy Holy Spirit breathe,

My vile affections crucify,

Conform me to Thy death.

Conqueror of hell, and earth, and sin,

Still with Thy rebel strive;

Enter my soul, and work within,

And kill, and make alive.

More of Thy life, and more I have,

As the old Adam dies:

Bury me, Saviour, in Thy grave,

That I with Thee may rise.

Reign in me, Lord, Thy foes control,

Who would not own Thy sway;

Diffuse Thy image through my soul;

Shine to the perfect day.

Scatter the last remains of sin,

And seal me Thine abode;

O, make me glorious all within,

A temple built by God.

My inward holiness Thou art,

For faith hath made Thee mine:

With all Thy fulness fill my heart,

Till all I am is Thine!

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