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Psalm 464242From a letter in his Works, vol. 12, p.17, it would seem that these verses were given to Wesley by “a gentleman of Exeter,” i.e., belonging to the college of that name; perhaps Mr. Broughton.

On God supreme our hope depends,

Whose omnipresent sight

Even to the pathless realms extends

Of uncreated night.

Plunged in the abyss of deep distress,

To Him we raised our cry:

His mercy bade our sorrows cease,

And fill’d our tongue with joy.

Though earth her ancient seat forsake,

By pangs convulsive torn;

Though her self-balanced fabric shake,

And ruin’d Nature mourn;

Though hills be in the ocean lost,

With all their trembling load;

No fear shall e’er disturb the just,

Or shake his trust in God.

Nations remote and realms unknown

In vain resist His sway;

For lo! Jehovah’s voice is shown,

And earth shall melt away.

Let war’s devouring surges rise

And swell on every side:

The Lord of Hosts our safeguard is,

And Jacob’s God our guide.

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