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The Magnificat

My soul extols the mighty Lord,

In God the Saviour joys my heart:

Thou hast not my low state abhorr’d;

Now know I, Thou my Saviour art.

Sorrow and sighs are fled away,

Peace now I feel, and joy and rest:

Renew’d, I hail the festal day,

Henceforth by endless ages blest.

Great are the things which Thou hast done;

How holy is Thy name, O Lord!

How wondrous is Thy mercy shown

To all that tremble at Thy word!

Thy conquering arm with terror crown’d

Appear’d the humble to sustain;

And all the sons of pride have found

Their boasted wisdom void and vain.

The mighty, from their native sky

Cast down, Thou hast in darkness bound;

And raised the worms of earth on high

With majesty and glory crown’d.

The rich have pined amidst their store,

Nor e’er the way of peace have trod;

Meanwhile the hungry souls Thy power

Fill’d with the fulness of their God.

Come, Saviour, come, of old decreed!

Faithful and true be Thou confest;

By all earth’s tribes in Abraham’s Seed

Henceforth through endless ages blest.

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