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A Morning Dedication of Ourselves to Christ

From the German.5555From Dr. Joachim Lange, (1670–1744,) “O Jesu susses licht.” Herrnhuth Collection, No.308. Knapp, E.L., p.1018.

Jesu, Thy light again I view,

Again Thy mercy’s beams I see,

And all within me wakes, anew

To pant for Thy immensity:

Again my thoughts to Thee aspire

In fervent flames of strong desire.

But, O! what offering shall I give

To Thee, the Lord of earth and skies?

My spirit, soul, and flesh receive

A holy, living sacrifice.

Small as it is, ’tis all my store

More shouldst Thou have, if I had more.

Now then, my God, Thou hast my soul;

No longer mine, but Thine I am:

Guard Thou Thy own; possess it whole,

Cheer it by hope, with love inflame.

Thou hast my spirit; there display

Thy glory to the perfect day.

Thou hast my flesh; Thy hallow’d shrine,

Devoted solely to Thy will:

Here let Thy light for ever shine,

This house still let Thy presence fill:

O Source of Life, live, dwell, and move

In me, till all my life be love.

O, never in these veils of shame,

Sad fruits of sin, my glorying be!

Clothe with salvation through Thy name

My soul, and may I put on Thee!

Be living faith my costly dress,

And my best robe Thy righteousness!

Send down Thy likeness from above,

And let this my adorning be:

Clothe me with wisdom, patience, love,

With lowliness and purity,

Than gold and pearls more precious far,

And brighter than the morning star.

Lord, arm me with Thy Spirit’s might,

Since I am call’d by Thy great name:

In Thee my wandering thoughts unite,

Of all my works be Thou the aim.

Thy love attend me all my days,

And my sole business be Thy praise!

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