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Christ Protecting and Sanctifying

From the same.5656From J. A. Freylinghausen, (1670–1739,) “Wer ist wol wie Du.” Herrn. Coll., No.30. Knapp, E. L., p.137.

O Jesu, source of calm repose,

Thy like nor man nor angel knows,

Fairest among ten thousand fair!

Even those whom death’s sad fetters bound,

Whom thickest darkness compass’d round,

Find light and life, if Thou appear.

Effulgence of the Light Divine,

Ere rolling planets knew to shine,

Ere time its ceaseless course began;

Thou, when the appointed hour was come,

Didst not abhor the Virgin’s womb,

But, God with God, wert Man with man.

The world, sin, death oppose in vain;

Thou, by Thy dying, death hast slain,

My great Deliverer, and my God!

In vain does the old dragon rage,

In vain all hell its powers engage;

None can withstand Thy conquering blood.

Lord over all, sent to fulfil

Thy gracious Father’s sovereign will,

To Thy dread sceptre will I bow:

With duteous reverence at Thy feet,

Like humble Mary, lo, I sit:

Speak, Lord! Thy servant heareth now.

Renew Thy image, Lord, in me,

Lowly and gentle may I be;

No charms but these to Thee are dear:

No anger mayst Thou ever find,

No pride in my unruffled mind,

But faith and heaven-born peace be there.

A patient, a victorious mind

That, life and all things cast behind,

Springs forth obedient to Thy call,

A heart that no desire can move,

But still to adore, believe, and love,

Give me, my Lord, my Life, my All.

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